Taming the Seas

Enter a truly inspiring adventure and unveil the wonders of Santorini from a different perspective, with you taking the wheel and learning how to trim the sails. Sunset Oia Santorini Sailing offers private sailing lessons on its luxury vessels both for beginners and for more experienced yachtsmen.

Sail through the azure Aegean waters, witness the volcanic landscape blending with the Mediterranean scenery of endless blue, explore the miraculous Caldera and visit the nearby islands while you are in charge of the trip. No sailing experience is required and all participants will be encouraged to try out sailing the boat.

Dive Into the Unknown

For those who long to explore the undersea universe of exotic flora and fauna, Sunset Oia Santorini Sailing offers dive courses tailored to your level of experience and interest. About as remote as you can get and filled with world-class diving and more natural and cultural wonders than you can imagine, we give you Santorini.

While on holidays, you may admire stunning polymorphic underwater volcanic formations that house various species of sea creatures and colorful flora, composing very interesting underwater scenery. The turquoise waters that surround Santorini offer voyages of discovery in every direction. There is a world of diving possibilities out there. Will you give it a try?

Catch of the Day

Get ready for a truly adventurous experience as we explore the best of what Santorini and the surrounding Aegean waters have to offer. Whether you are interested in a half day excursion along the coast or a deep sea adventure, we have fishing trips for everyone.

Learn the most important techniques to safely hunt some of the best species in the area guided by professional fishermen. Experience the feeling of being one with the ocean and enjoy an amazing dinner with your family and friends at the end of the trip, as our chefs will prepare your catch to your liking!

With Sunset Oia Santorini Sailing you can depart for a world class fishing excursion from the shores of luxury.

Body & Soul Relaxation

Indulge into moments of sheer replenishment while sailing the stunning Caldera. Luxurious massage treatments on board will help ease away tension, relax muscles and pamper you in every possible manner.

A Taste of Greece

Experience one of the world’s most idyllic destinations and dive into a world of tactile delights, while sailing through the azure Aegean Sea. Rich in gastronomy and natural beauty, your cooking vacation will give you the chance to explore pristine beaches and ancient civilizations while enjoying fresh seafood, local produce, and plentiful wine.

Sunset Oia Santorini Sailing offers travelers the unique opportunity of experiential cooking lessons preparing some of the most well known traditional Greek dishes. The adventure begins with our experienced Chef explaining the basics of products used and the ways in which they can be combined.

Evoke the Santorinian Spirit
On our private tours, with just a small extra cost, there is a superb program of on board wine tastings offering panoply of well-known wines, as well as local renowned varieties.>

Our wine tasting experience introduces you to different types of wine, distinguishable special flavors and the main terminology related to wine tasting, where you’ll enjoy glass after glass of perfectly balanced reds, whites, and rosés.

A unique blend of aromas, among stunning scenery complemented by the melody of waves.

Get Back into Balance on Board

Experience pure body & soul inspiration and treat yourself to a refreshing mini escape with Sunset Oia Santorini Sailing‘s wellness-related activities on board. Uniquely combining yoga and cruising, we have created a tranquil space and an inspiring environment where you can retreat from the world.

At the same time the gorgeous landscapes and endless views of the Caldera will will help you unwind and relax under the beautiful Santorinian sun. Take time out to reconnect through the mind, the body and the soul, whilst yachting across the Caldera and the Aegean Sea.